Jen Psaki Hints At Criminal Charges Against Trump

The clown show keeps evolving and progressing without any finale in sight.

Under Joe Biden’s regime, the American people are forced to live under constant scrutiny and threats of actual imprisonment simply for admitting the truth.

Truth has been subverted and repackaged as “misinformation” to allow Democrats to more clearly identify and take down their political enemies.

The events of Jan. 6 will surely go down in history as a transformative moment in the American democratic experiment, but it will be retold inaccurately by hysterical liberals hellbent on destroying the fabric of our once-great country.

Donald Trump symbolizes everything liberals seek to destroy; he represents the only obstacle in the path of their total political domination.

As a result, they’ve tried everything to stop him and convince the American voter of his supposed treachery. Their efforts to destroy the Former President have been wide-reaching from all angles, both within the government and outside of it.

From Deep State spy operations to impeachments, the D.C. establishment as thrown everything they possibly can at trump in an effort to prevent his rise to the top. Jan. 6 is merely their latest (and most serious) attempt.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said what all of us with a brain left in our heads knew would happen.

While outwardly claiming her boss’ impartialness regarding Justice Department and their decision to charge Trump with insurrection, she reveals a kernel of truth which highlights the evil of Democrats.

She said Joe Biden will not have have any influence and will leave to the Justice Department the decision on what consequences Former President Donald Trump should face for his role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

“The president wants the Justice Department and the Attorney General to act independently…” she began.

Earlier in the day, Biden accused Trump of spreading a “web of lies” to undermine U.S. democracy in a speech on the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol one year ago.

Moreover, the Democrats just announced they are seeking to manipulate the language of the Constitution to justify barring Donald Trump from ever holding office again in the future.

We are living in bleak times.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney