Here’s a Jan. 6 Reminder Liberal Media Fails To Admit

For all the Democrats’ talk of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot being an “insurrection,” it’s important to remember that not one person involved in the riot has been charged with that crime.

Surely, if the protestors’ actions were as seditious and Trump’s actions was as dangerous as Democrats have claimed, we’d be seeing criminal charges that reflect the seriousness of those alleged crimes. But that hasn’t happened..

According to the Justice Department, more than 225 defendants had been charged with assaulting, resisting, or impeding law enforcement officers; at least 275 defendants have been charged with obstructing a congressional proceeding; and about 40 defendants have been charged with some sort of conspiracy charge.

But, again, no one has been charged with sedition or insurrection.

Perhaps that’s why the vast majority of voters on both the Left and the Right don’t agree with Democrats’ characterization of the Capitol riot as an insurrection.

A CBS News poll released this week found that 70% of the people who voted for President Joe Biden and 84% of the people who voted for Trump considered the Capitol riot to be a “protest that went too far” — which is exactly what it was.

Regardless of what most Americans think, Democrats will continue the battle against Trump, his associates, and his supporters until every last one of his has either submitted, is imprisoned, or erased from the Earth.

What’s occurring in this country is truly unprecedented and frankly very scary.

Current politics, while typically vicious, have surpassed and destroyed the meaning of ethics and democracy. We’re truly living in a liberal autocracy which seeks the destruction of each and every American who doesn’t follow their brand of religion.

Insurrection, misinformation, conspiracy, “Big Lie” : these are all rhetorical tools to ensure Americans submit to the will of corporate, liberal, bloated bureaucracy.

Try to fight them and it’s your head.

Right now Donald Trump is the target, but who’s next?

Author: Asa McCue