Liberal Media Plunges Into Oblivion — The End Is Nigh

CNN, the longtime far-left propaganda outlet that continually encourages political violence and promotes insane conspiracy theories recently lost 73% of their primetime viewers according to data from the 4th quarter of 2021. That’s not a typo, it’s literally down by 73%!

According to TVNewswer, the network saw its viewership figures drop drastically more than its counterparts, averaging 492,000 total viewers throughout 24-hour periods in the last reported quarter, dropping it to 6th place on basic cable. That figure represents an 18% decline from the third quarter of 2021 and a 67% decline from the quarter of the previous year. CNN’s primetime viewership has dropped respectively by 22% and 73% over the same timeframes.

Compared to peers such as Fox News primetime, just 37% of primetime viewers have dropped off since the end of election coverage last year.

MSNBC, another liberal spin outlet, similarly lost 53% of both total daytime and primetime viewers.

Though declines were expected compared to the fourth quarter election cycle of 2020, nobody would predict almost 3/4 of the audience to drop off such as the case with CNN.

The data proves that the American public is sickening on the Left’s endless lies, and the slow death of these false media giants is song in the ears of the truth.

Looking at the raw figures paints the picture in even clearer terms.


  • Fox News: 1.444 million / 237,000
  • MSNBC: 672,000 / 77,000
  • CNN: 492,000 / 103,00


  • Fox News: 2.366 million / 366,000
  • MSNBC: 1.163 million / 138,000
  • CNN: 642,000 / 138,000

The numbers are almost unbelievable. CNN can only hold the attention of 642,000 during their primetime. What pure, unmitigated karma for such a bigoted hate outlet, a just reward for the dumpster fire that they call coverage.

For both primetime viewers and cable TV, Fox News takes 2nd place just behind ESPN. CNN, on the other hand, has plummeted to 16th place, falling far behind non-political broadcasters such as Food Network.

Author: Janice Long