Fauci’s Latest Announcement Enrages Republicans Across The Nation

When will people in America learn that the “pandemic” is never going to end? It’s just going to be perpetually moved forward to push liberal agendas until everyone in the country is brainwashed into leftist ideology. Even now, booster shots are being pushed and forced on citizens like never before. Many public institutions require booster shots, and now they are even changing the terminology for those that are “fully vaccinated.”

Chief medical advisor of the White House, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says that fully vaccinated no longer means just getting your two-dose shot, it will not mean that you are keeping your vaccines up to date. Fauci made the announcement on Tuesday, claiming that the best route of protection is to get a third shot of the mRNA vaccines, or to get a second shot of J&J’s vaccine.

Fauci’s announcement comes right on the heels of the CDC recommending that those who received the Pfizer shot should get their booster a mere five months after their second dose. This is an entire month earlier than was recommended previously. J&J and Moderna, however, have yet to change their recommendations. They say that six months after the second dose is still a good amount of time to receive protection from the vaccines.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the CDC Director, said that the CDC will continue to update their recommendations to help ensure America is protected from the virus as we continue through the pandemic. She says that the new recommendations are made as Omicron is increasing cases all around the nation.

But the fully vaccinated terminology isn’t the only thing that is changing. Instead of calling it ‘vaccine mandates,’ they are not going to use the term, ‘vaccine requirements’ when discussing mandates for vaccination in the U.S.

Fauci said the reason for this is because people are responding negatively to the word mandates, and that people seem to respond better to the world requirements. Fauci says that vaccines work, but there are over 50 million American who still refuse to get vaccinated. Fauci says the virus has killed over 800k Americans, and caused over 50 million infections. He says if people don’t want to get vaccinated, even in the light of all that, then it’s important to make requirements for the common good.

Author: Janet Parson