Leftist Media Desperate To Conceal Biden’s Involvement With Convicted Fraudster

This undoubtedly wasn’t the first time Joe Biden was duped, but this is surely the most public.

More times than not, recognition from the federal government is by no means cause celebre. This was definitely the case with Elizabeth Holmes, who was showered with praise and honor from the Obama administration, most notably from Joe Biden himself.

On Tuesday, the propaganda wing for the Democrat Party ignored then-Vice President Joe Biden’s involvement with Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos.

Though Biden cheered Holmes in 2015 for “maintaining the highest standards” in developing lower-cost blood lab tests with only a prick of blood, the establishment media ignored Biden’s praise for Holmes, who was found guilty of four charges of fraud Monday, and her failed invention.

The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post ran headlines on Tuesday’s homepages about Holmes’ conviction of fraud without referencing within the stories the president’s involvement.

Biden met with Holmes in 2015, which the Theranos founder touted on social media:

Holmes said of Biden at the meeting:

I convened this roundtable as a call to action. Leaders in health must collectively come together because that’s the only way that we’ll change this health care paradigm from one focused on reactive care to one focused on preventive care. Nobody knows that as well as the Vice President, who has spent his entire career taking bold action to improve people’s lives.

During the meeting, Biden spoke glowingly of Theranos and Holmes.

“This is the laboratory of the future,” Biden said, after touring the facility with Holmes, and added, “you can see what innovation is all about just walking through this facility.

“The fact that you’re voluntarily submitting all of your tests to the FDA demonstrates your confidence in what you’re doing,” he said.

“Talk about being inspired. This is inspiration. It is amazing to me, Elizabeth, what you’ve been able to do,” Biden said.

Holmes was subsequently invited to the Obama White House state dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and was appointed as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.

How embarrassing!

Author: Asa McCue