Censored Scientist Goes On Warpath Against Dr. Fauci

Each and every time a medical professional in the virology or immunology field decides to publicly criticize Dr. Fauci and his stronghold on the COVID conversation, he or she is immediately censored and tossed far aside where no American can hear them.

Such is the case with virologist and immunologist Dr. Robert Malone.

On Monday, Dr. Malone appeared on Fox News and appeared in no way shocked by Fauci’s inaccurate public statements on the effectiveness of surgical masks and cloth coverings to prevent the spread of Omicron — an airborne illness.

Malone was recently booted from Twitter amid claims that he was promoting “misinformation” about the available COVID-19 vaccines — particularly those that utilized the mRNA technology he worked to develop.

Ingraham began with a question about Malone’s exile from Twitter, noting that leading progressives have called for tighter crackdown from social media giants to expel users who don’t sing Fauci’s praises.

“Dr. Malone, where is the country going when an elected official seems to be celebrating a silencing other Americans?” she asked.

“I think you said it. There will be a big turnaround midterm. Where the country is going is where Joe Rogan just went, from Twitter to Gettr,” Malone replied.

“And what media doesn’t understand is that you can’t suppress information. It will find a way to be free. And we’re having new — you know, this is an example of the positive aspect of American economy and innovation. We’ve had all this suppression and yet we persist … People don’t tolerate this type of censorship and propaganda that is being pushed on us.

Ingraham then asked Malone to weigh in on a clip from CNN during which host Dana Bash asked Fauci about the efficacy of cloth or surgical masks — particularly with regard to the most recent and highly-contagious Omicron variant.

“Are cotton and surgical masks effective at preventing the spread of Omicron?” Bash asked, and Fauci said that they were.

“Yeah, when the CDC says they are effective, in fact, they are,” he said.

Ingraham turned back to Malone, asking whether Fauci’s claim had been a lie — his response is alarming:

“I mean, it’s Tony. What can I say? Tony has no integrity, he lies all the time…” the Doctor said.

Dr. Malone continued to clarify exactly how masks could very well be effective in preventing the spread of an airborne illness. He said only when strong, surgical masks – such as the N-95 – is tightly sealed around one’s mouth and nose can it be effective.

Two year-olds on airplanes surely don’t meet that criteria, nor do 99.9% of the population of mask wearers.

Clown world.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney