Democrat Leaders Browbeat Manchin — Will He Give In?

West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin single-handedly saved the American economy from inevitable collapse late last month when he gave a definitive ‘no’ vote to Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” social spending bill.

Since then, the White House, the propagandist media, and high-ranking Democrats from the progressive wing have attempted to destroy Manchin for crushing their agenda.

Manchin has remained steadfast in his decision not to move forward with “Build Back Better,” citing the horrific consequences for most Americans in conservative states.

Meanwhile, Sen. Chuck Schumer plans to hold a vote on Joe Biden’s massive Build Back Better deal this month as key holdout Sen. Joe Manchin continues to be courted by the White House and Democratic leaders for his vote.

Manchin, who sank Biden’s signature social and climate spending legislation just before Christmas, will attend Monday night’s Senate leadership meeting and Tuesday’s weekly caucus lunch likely to discuss BBB.

The lunch will be the first time all Senate Democrats are together since Manchin publicly opposed the bill. Schumer will reportedly make a choice on whether to hold a vote on the bill following the session.

Manchin last month said he wanted a new bill that goes through Senate committees and focuses on rolling back the 2017 Trump tax cuts.

“I knew what they could and could not do,” Manchin said on West Virginia news station late last month.

“They just never realized it, because they figure surely to God we can move one person. Surely, we can badger and beat one person up.”

He added: “Well, guess what? I’m from West Virginia. I’m not from where they’re from, [where] they can just beat the living crap out of people and think they’ll be submissive.”

One senior Senate Democratic aide revealed that people “have had time to cool off; Manchin’s had time to cool off.

“We’ll have to see now what becomes possible.”

Manchin said the bill needs to go through committee to have any success.

“I won’t continue to go down everything you want to do, major policy changes and reconciliation. It needs to go through a process,” he said.

The Joe Biden administration and the Democrat Party at large is desperate for a legislative win before the ’22 midterm elections. Without one, their chances of regaining any semblance of a congressional majority seems nil. Hell, even if BBB passes, it’s unlikely that will move many American voters.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney