Kamala Harris Welcomes Communist Takeover With Open Arms

When the Vice President of the United States is allowed to make public statements calling for the “restructuring of the country’s economy” to provide “equitable distribution” of wealth and other forms of capital, then we have a very serious problem.

On Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris called for an intentional restructuring of the country’s economic systems, suggesting existing systems were inherently racist.

Harris appeared at a forum hosted by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to discuss proactive ways to increase access to financial systems and capital for racial minorities.

The vice president shifted the conversation to a more radical approach, pointing out fundamental racial flaws with the existing financial system.

“Some of these designs were just designed not to benefit the people that we’re talking about,” she said, before pausing. “Or the better way to say this, it was designed to benefit other people,” she added with a laugh.

Harris said the existing financial system was structured to serve people who already had access to information and capital.

“It’s not only about a state of mind in terms of this new approach, it’s about restructuring a system,” she said.

Harris also spoke about the goal of “eradicating the racial wealth divide,” and “ensuring equal access and equitable distribution of resources” in the American economy.

This is truly shocking:

Harris spoke of her effort to take on the big banks when she was the Attorney General of California during the foreclosure crisis with the help of Rep. Maxine Waters.

“Let’s remember, that black and brown homebuyers were charged twice as much in terms of interest rates,” she said, arguing that it made them twice as likely to get their homes foreclosed by banks.

During the event, the vice president spoke about the need for economic justice, claiming Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated because of his efforts to organize workers.

“It was Dr. King, remember, who was organizing sanitation workers, who was, and I think, frankly, many of us do, that’s part of why he was assassinated,” she said. “Because he was starting to join the civil rights movement with economic justice movement.”

Never – and we mean never – has a Vice President of the United States been so emboldened as to call for a complete socialist takeover of the economy, using the exact same jargon as Communist revolutionaries in the early 20th century.

Not only should we all be concerned, we should be actively fighting back against any policy that fulfils Kamala’s calls for so-called equitable redistribution, which happens to be a fancy way of saying the government will take your stuff.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney