DeSantis Vows To End Biden’s Mandate — One Way Or Another

After a recent court victory, the Biden administration is renewed in their efforts to impose forced medical treatments on the American population.

Their plan won’t be an easy one to execute, especially with the likes of Governor Ron DeSantis actively fighting against them.

On Sunday, the Republican Florida Governor appeared on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo to discuss issues related to COVID-19.

During the segment, Bartiromo spoke with DeSantis about the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals dissolving the stay on the Biden administration’s vaccine and test mandate for private employers.

“…an appeals court on Friday allowed President Biden’s vaccine mandate for private employers to take effect as New York and California are reimposing these mask mandates,” Bartiromo said. “It looks like this is going to the Supreme Court.”

DeSantis responded, saying that he thought the 6th Circuit made a “terrible decision.”

“I do think we’re going to get positive relief from the U.S. Supreme Court on that,” the governor stated.

“But Maria, what we did in Florida is we didn’t leave it to chance. We passed substantive protections in a special session for Floridians so that they are able to have generous ability to opt out of these types of mandates.”

DeSantis continued, noting the importance of winning the case at the Supreme Court:

…it’s important from a legal and constitutional matter that something like the OSHA mandate not be allowed to stand. They reached back decades, found some statute, and are using that to force vaccinations. That’s never been done in the history of our country. And so, I think it’s a massive expansion of federal power that goes beyond the Constitution. So, we absolutely need to win that case at the Supreme Court.

DeSantis – along with a handful of other GOP governors – provide some relief for skeptical Americans who would prefer the federal government not dictate medical treatment.

However, with the power of the federal government machine behind them, it’s unlikely that Biden will relent, regardless if it means his presidency tanks as a result.

Author: Asa McCue