D.C. Liberal Elite Launch Legal Attack Against Right Wing

No one is safe…

That is unless you tow the liberal line that claims Trump is the second coming of Hitler and anyone who voted for him is a murdering insurrectionist responsible for the perpetual global pandemic and a host of other heinous crimes.

Trump supporters and other Americans who find themselves on the dissident Right are used to living in the shadows of liberal hegemony, where concealing one’s political ideology is paramount to keeping your job, or worse — avoiding imprisonment.

Such is the case in Joe Biden’s American where right wingers have begun to face legal turmoil for their support of Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl Racine announced his office has filed a lawsuit against the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, alleging they conspired to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“Over the course of several weeks, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, their leadership, and certain of their members and affiliates — motivated by a desire to overturn the legal results of the election and initiate a second term of Donald Trump’s presidency — worked together to plot, publicize, recruit for, and finance their planned attack,” reads the lawsuit, The Wall Street Journal reported. “The result of that planning, the January 6th Attack on the Capitol, was not a protest or a rally. It was a coordinated act of domestic terrorism.”

Have you ever read something more insidious and concerning then that statement from AG Racine?

“It was like 9-11, a planned terrorist attack, but this time, our own citizens were hellbent on destroying the freedoms and ideals on which our country was founded, and continues to aspire to achieve.”

And to top it off, D.C. liberal elite have begun conflating the tragedy of 9/11 and the 1/6 Capitol protests…

By framing their lawsuit in this manner, D.C. liberals are justified in attacking the due process of Proud Boys members and other protestors.

The lawsuit requests “restitution and recompense” in the form of monetary damages from the defendants and said, “I can guarantee you that as we proceed, we are going to seek the maximum level of financial penalty.”

Each and every freedom-loving American should be extremely concerned by this level of top-down persecution by the hands of government actors.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney