Liberal City Business Owner Wages War Against Cops

Not only are cops being killed at an alarming rate, they’re also being denied basic services as the war against law enforcement reaches a breaking point.

In San Francisco – a city brimming with violent crime and malignant leftism – is ground zero for anti-cop hatred.

Liberals who can afford to live in the once-great city have doubled down on the brand of political ideology which usually results in the complete destruction and devastation of an entire town.

San Fran is no different.

Smash-and-Grab looting is currently invading the city as many retailers struggle to keep their doors open amid a global pandemic and tyrannical lockdown measures in California.

A spree of grand larceny recently struck San Francisco’s biggest retailers and city officials have worked overtime to ensure criminals face zero consequences.

As Trump said, “Everything woke turns to sh**.”

Despite the rise in crime police officers are still being discriminated against.

The staff of a San Francisco restaurant denied service to three uniformed police officers after claiming the officers’ weapons made them feel “uncomfortable.” The staff then proudly posted the incident on social media.

The staff of Hillda and Jesse San Franciso posted on Instagram, an announcement that they asked three uniformed police officers to leave their restaurant after the sidearms police are required to wear made them feel “uncomfortable.” They declared the restaurant to be a “safe space.”

“The presence of their weapons in the restaurant made us uncomfortable,” the staff added to the Instagram post as a comment. “This is not a political statement, we did what we thought was best for our staff.”

At Hilda and Jesse, the restaurant is a safe space,” the post states. “The presence of the officers {sic} weapons in the restaurant made us feel uncomfortable. We respect the San Francisco Police Department and are grateful for the work they do.”

They concluded by saying the officers are welcome to return — “when off duty, out of uniform, and without their weapons.”

Hilda and Jesse’s Operations/Co-Owner Rachel Sillcocks responded to the expulsion of the uniformed officers, writing, “The fact that they were in uniform with multiple weapons on them made our staff uncomfortable, and potentially other guests.”

A Twitter user took exception to the actions of the restaurant with the following tweet asking what makes people feel uncomfortable in San Francisco.

Another questions the restaurant owners’ priorities when they don’t pay their staff “equitable wages.”

This is the clown world we’re forced to live in!

Author: Asa McCue