BooHoo: BLM Terrorist Throws Pity-Party

…and liberals are actually feeling sorry for him!

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the current state of liberal American then nothing will.

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old black male accused of ramming a red Ford SUV into a Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last month complained in an interview about the way that he is being treated after allegedly killing six people and injuring dozens more.

The murderer claims he feels “dehumanized” and “demonized.”

The report said that the suspect was “soft-spoken” and appeared “calm, lucid and took time to answer each question.”

A report claims:

Not even his mother has dropped by, he said. Earlier in the day, she released a statement on behalf of the family decrying Wisconsin’s criminal justice system for failing her son, a longtime felon with a 50-page rap sheet detailing domestic violence, firearms, drugs and other convictions in Wisconsin. Brooks is also a registered child sex offender in Nevada and served time in Georgia for beating his ex, records show.

The suspect was released on $1,000 bail just days before the attack in what officials have admitted was an “inappropriately low” bail amount.

Local media reported yesterday that the records from the court hearing where the suspect was released no longer exist due to “technical issues.”

Technical issues?

The only technical issues here is with liberal judges and bail reform activists, who’s legal decisions and policies Brooks directly benefited from, and who are now desperate to conceal their crimes. The blood of every slain Christmas parade goer is on the hands of each and every liberal responsible for Brooks’ timely release from prison.

Various journalists and fact finding websites have highlighted posts that the suspect had on social media accounts allegedly belonging to him. Those posts appeared to express anti-Christian sentiment, disdain for Republican politicians and conservative media, and “black nationalist rhetoric.”

Darrell Brooks even appeared in a rap video in which he doesn’t shy away from presenting his anti-white hatred musically.

Brooks is a Black Lives Matter activist. In fact, one BLM leader even had the guts to claim the crime committed by Brooks was the start of black nationalist “revolution.”

Be Concerned.

Author: Asa McCue