Biden Passes Blame For Supply Chain Crisis, But He Isn’t Fooling Anyone

Just when businesses thought it was tough to operate in the United States, the Biden administration just made it virtually impossible.

The Biden-Harris administration officially opened an investigation into retailers, and not itself, to scrutinize the supply chain crisis.

The probe is a repeated strategy from November when the administration opened a Department of Justice probe into oil companies for allegedly “gouging people.” The investigations into private companies is an Obama-era tactic deployed to displace blame on failed administrative policies to the private sector.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) probe into nine massive retailers demands “detailed information” to explain how supply chain disruptions “are causing serious and ongoing hardships for consumers and harming competition in the U.S. economy,” the agency announced Monday.

Meanwhile, every American with two brain cells left fully understands that unscientific ‘green’ policies and undue regulatory red tape are the main drivers behind Biden’s supply chain crisis. As a matter of fact, in California where America’s largest port is located, Democrat Gavin Newsom outlawed tractor trailers and big-rig trucks more than three years old. More than 70% of the trucks currently in operation are more than three years old.

Are you paying attention yet?

The probe, consuming businesses’ time and money, will specifically consist of gathering operational data to expose the points of crisis in the supply chain, along with company practices that are said to increase Bidenflation. The companies must comply with the investigation within 45 days.

The companies under FTC scrutiny include Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, C&S Wholesale Grocers, Associated Wholesale Grocers, McLane, Procter & Gamble, Tyson Foods, and Kraft Heinz.

Supply chain-centric corporations are not the only ones placed under investigation during President Biden’s tenure. In November, Biden admitted he asked the Justice Department to investigate oil companies for price gouging.

“I have the attorney general taking a look at whether or not these gas companies are gouging people,” Biden said.

Biden’s policies, however, are likely to blame for much of the supply chain crisis and soaring oil prices. Biden instituted coronavirus pandemic policies in the spring that paid individuals not to work and sent stimulus checks out even though the economy was well into a recovery. As a result, many laborers chose to take a larger government check instead of participating in the economy, causing a nationwide labor shortage, and demand for goods soared due to the additional income.

The labor shortage has impacted the supply chain. For instance, trucking companies are short about 80,000 drivers. The labor shortages have rippled through the economy, slowing down the transport of goods while increasing inflation to a thirty-year high.

The lack of truck drivers has left hundreds of cargo ships waiting to unload containers onto the docks. The port backlog has caused shipping prices from Asia to the United States to increase from around $5,000 per container to nearly $20,000.

Oil and gas prices have also increased due to Biden’s war on energy. The tactics include issuing a report Friday to increase the price of oil leasing fees on federal lands in the United States by 50 percent, along with canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline in January. Biden is also weighing whether to terminate the Michigan Line 5 pipeline. Biden has also rejoined the Paris Climate Accords and is directing an environmental regulatory review of repairs performed by the Trump administration that protected American energy independence.

Despite Biden’s so-called actions to correct his numerous crisis, these events are all in place purely by design.

Author: Asa McCue