Shocking: Fauci Teams Up With Liberal ‘Hero’ To Push Child Vaccines

Such a sad state of affairs when a man who ostensibly cares about the well being of the country and is highly paid with taxpayer money to provide public safety recommendations based solely on scientific data is outed as a liberal political hack, just like the rest of them.

On Tuesday afternoon, “America’s Favorite Doctor” Anthony Fauci teamed up with “America’s Favorite President Barack Obama to visit elementary school children in Washington, DC, urging them to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Obama and Fauci surprised the children at Kimball Elementary School in Southeast Washington, DC.

Children were getting vaccinated in the gym, as the former president spoke to the children about the coronavirus vaccine while wearing his mask. A masked Dr. Fauci stood next to him and also spoke.

The Teddy Roosevelt baseball mascot for the Washington Nationals joined the pair, wearing a giant red mask as he watched children get vaccinated.

What a sick and twisted dystopian future liberals are pushing for this country.

A masked mascot?!

Is this really the best message to be sending to children?

The former president and the doctor visited with the children after speaking to them publicly.

Joe Biden, first lady Jill Biden, and Dr. Fauci continue urging parents to get the vaccine shot for their children over five-years-old.

The risks of coronavirus infections and transmission rates for children attending elementary school in person are considered low compared to adults, and data is still inconclusive as to whether vaccination against COVID-19 is even safe for children who’s immune systems are at their peak.

Fauci is under fire from some Senate Republicans who challenged the federal doctor’s claim that criticism of him was a direct criticism of science.

In the past weeks, but really throughout his entire career, Fauci has outed himself as nothing but a partisan hack pushing liberal lockdown policies under the guise of “science.”

Science has become progressive’s favorite term to weaponize against freedom-loving Americans who simply wish to examine the actual science and data before committing their children to medical treatment.

What a backwards world we live in today.

Author: Asa McCue