Biden Plays Nice With Anti-Trump Pedophile Group

It comes as no surprise that Joe Biden is in cahoots with the anti-Trump group riddled with pedophiles and other sexual perverts, given the fact he’s a pervert himself.

The cognitively deficient president was reportedly thankful for the Lincoln Project, a fundraising powerhouse that unleashed an onslaught of anti-Trump ads, after the 2020 election.

After the Democrats successfully stole the election and awarded Biden the White House in November 2020, Biden placed a call to co-founder Steve Schmidt to express gratitude for the group helping him get elected, a source told Politico .

The tidbit appeared in a report published Sunday about how the anti-Trump group has fallen out of favor with a wide swath of people.

Moderate Republicans and Never Trumpers, the report says, did not take kindly to co-founder Rick Wilson urging Trump to run again in 2024.

“It’s not that I want [Trump] to be here, I’d love for him to be eaten by a shark tomorrow,” Wilson said.

But his attempt to outmaneuver the Former President by calling for him to run in 2024 is a pathetic sight to witness.

Wilson added, “I want Trump to run to destroy the people who are more sophisticated than Trump. I want to use Trump’s psychological problems to weaken him because I think the most dangerous thing we face is Trump with an Ivy League degree. All the abrasive authoritarianism and nationalism and none of the obvious deficits.”

What a complete and utter loser!

Wilson’s inability to tap into Trump’s greatness and understand fully why he remains so popular with the American people is part in parcel why his victory in 2016 broke so many brains.

Trump’s political prowess is not why he was elected twice by American voters.

Donald Trump is a countercultural figure who exposed the inner mechanisms of Washington D.C. and the media propagandists who support the elites. He used his role as presidency to shine a light on America’s most insidious actors and institutions all while ushering in policies which benefitted American middle class workers.

Trump showed us how the sausage is made, and liberals are mad about it.

The Lincoln Project has grappled with other controversies over the past couple of years, including one involving the group’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations against one of its co-founders, John Weaver, and a tiki torch stunt that rocked the Virginia governor’s race this year.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth