2024: Biden Won’t Make It Past Finish Line, See Why….

To admit the truth about the Christmas parade massacre would be political suicide for Joe Biden.

The Wisconsin tragedy resulted in the death of five people and left countless others injured, all at the hands of a thug with a lengthy rap sheet.

Joe Biden, who clings to wokeness and progressivism for dear life, refused to reiterate this key fact during his Monday address from the White House set.

Following an announcement where Biden revealed Jerome Powell would serve another term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Biden switched gears to address the brutal murders in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Biden began his remarks exactly how you’d expect a liberal to — without acknowledging key facts which paint a clearer picture of the case. He began, “though we don’t know all of the facts in this case..” before continuing with his generic script.

However, Joe, what we do know is that five people are dead and at least 40 others are injured because Darrell E. Brooks Jr. decided to drive his SUV into a Christmas parade.

And yes, Joe, you do know the facts in this case. Let us remind you…

Darrell E. Brooks Jr. is a career criminal and a sick, twisted wife beater who spent time in jail just before the Christmas parade massacre.

The black male suspect was released on a staggering low bond as a result of updated progressive criminal justice reform. Liberal district attorneys only required Brooks to pay a $1,000 cash bond after his arrest for domestic abuse despite an earlier gun felony gun charge, one that he was awaiting trial for at the time of his most recent arrest.

To make matters even worse, it’s now being reported that Brooks was likely involved in a stabbing just hours before murdering the Christmas parade goers. Sources in the Waukesha Police Department reveal it’s probable that Brooks was fleeing the scene of that crime.

In summation, Darrell E. Brooks Jr. was enabled by leftist criminal justice reformers to run over and murder parade goers but because he’s black and the victims are white, the President of the United States and the propagandist media that supports him refuses to admit the facts of this case.

During his address Biden couldn’t even say the word ‘Christmas’ to describe the parade! That’s how much America is poisoned by ‘woke’ leftism.

Biden referred to the 59th Annual Waukesha Christmas Parade as “the holiday parade in Wisconsin” before lamenting the five lives lost in the incident.
It was a Christmas parade, Joe. Not a “holiday parade.”

Now the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office is walking back their decision to recommend bail that was “inappropriately low” for Brooks.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Asa McCue