Far-Left ‘Squad’ Dem Has No Qualms About Destroying America

This is a women elected to the United States House of Representatives. She is responsible for the creation and passage of laws that dictate the direction of this country. We all should be very concerned.

Far-Left ‘Squad’ Democrat from Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib brushed off questions related to the potential for human traffickers and other dangerous criminals to be released from prison as a result of a bill she authored and endorsed.

The BEATHE Act proposes emptying federal detention facilities within ten years regardless of the criminal or the crime they committed.

Tlaib sat down for an interview to shed light on the BREATHE Act, but instead she made a complete fool of herself and revealed her insidious intentions to destroy the country she’s been elected to lead.

Tlaib responded that people falsely think that far-left politicians want to “release everybody,” even though that exactly language is clearly stated in the bill.

The socialist lawmaker was frozen, replying, “Yeah, but did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now?”

When the interviewer pressed Tlaib on the fact that human traffickers were in the federal prison system, Tlaib replied, “oh, I know,” before denying that she “blanketly” supported all criminals being released simply because she wants to reform the prison system.

The Michigan congresswoman said that she thinks prison system is “supposed to be rehabilitation,” but she later lamented that purely rehabilitative efforts are practically nonexistent in prisons. Swan asked Tlaib if she thought all people could be rehabilitated.

“I don’t think so,” she responded.

When pressed on whether she believed there were any people, however small, that did need to be “behind bars,” Tlaib said she would need to look at every individual case in order to have an answer.

The radical Islamist lawmaker also made the argument so common amongst leftists: appeal to authority.

Instead of standing her ground and defending the BREATHE Act, Tlaib instead pointed to the “experts” that agree with her position.

Meanwhile, even a kindergartener understands that criminals belong behind bars. The radical ‘Squad’ members make no secret about their hatred for America, and their policies are all an attempt to destroy it.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth