BLM Flashes Support For Christmas Parade Murderer

If you needed any additional evidence that Black Lives Matter was an evil organization based around the murder of white Americans for Marixist-Communist aims, then here it is.

Black Lives Matter activist Vaun Mayes suggested the Waukesha Christmas parade attack on Sunday might be linked to retaliation for the Kyle Rittenhouse case verdict.

Mayes speculated despite there being no evidence of a connection between the verdict and the attack. He arrived at the scene of the parade attack on Monday and addressed his audience on Facebook in a livestream video.

The suspect’s intention has not been confirmed, and Mayes said he couldn’t make specific claims but proceeded to do so anyway.

On Monday, police arrested Darrell Brooks Jr. in connection with the parade attack. Brooks has a criminal history that includes several felony cases and misdemeanors.

He was released on a staggering low $1,000 cash bond despite his criminal past, a move approved by progressive district attorney from Milwaukee.

Brooks is also a known BLM activist himself. He’s publicly discussed political issues including Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted for killing George Floyd. He posted a picture of Chauvin to social media with a middle finger and the message, “ALWAYZ REMEMBER THIS B**** A** M* FACE!!”

Brooks reportedly wrote on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement and the Rittenhouse case.

So the theory put forth by Vaun Mayes comes as now shock given Brooks’ support of Black Lives Matter.

Meanwhile, the propagandist media has said little about this Christmas parade murder and has consciously withheld key facts about the case.

Since Brooks is black and his victims are white, media outlets – and even the President – are tiptoeing around the truth as to not anger BLM radical activists, many of whom have no qualms with burning down major American cities.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth