Rising GOP Allstar Totally Destroys CNN Hack

You love to see it!

Liberal heads begin to smoke and their entire body starts to malfunction when Winsome Sears is the topic of discussion.

They cannot deploy their usual “white supremacist, racist, sexist” tactics when describing a Republican because Sears defies all of those stereotypes.

As a black, female conservative, Winsome Sears is taking the Republican Party by storm. She’s speaking out against Critical Race Theory, the lies about forced vaccination, and is destroying liberal media pundits in the process.

On Sunday, the Republican Virginia Lieutenant Governor destroyed CNN’s Dana Bash when the host claimed that Critical Race Theory was not part of school curricula.

Bash began the segment with a question about the fact that Sears, the first black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia, had made history — and Sears, who has said several times that making history was not her goal in running for office, added that she did see the importance of being an example for those who would come after her.

Pivoting to the topic of education, Bash noted that Sears — like Republican Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin — had voiced opposition to Critical Race Theory while on the campaign trail.

Sears went on to say that she believed it was important to teach all of history — “the good, the bad and the ugly” — because the only way to learn from the mistakes of the past was to study them with open eyes.

The back-and-forth got even spicier when Dana Bash asked for Sears’ vaccination status.

Winsome couldn’t have given a better response if she tried, and Bash was shamed into silence.

This exchange just goes to show that all it takes is one brave conservative, one man or women to speak out against the liberal media propaganda that has such a stronghold on the national conversation.

America is headed down a dark path when even objective and obvious truths are being suppressed by an entire media machine hellbent on destroying Republicans one-by-one.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney