Key White House Staffers Resign En Masse As Biden-Harris Tanks

It’s only a matter of time before the entire White House labor pool will need to be replaced with fresh faces as many of them can’t take the heat from the failing Biden-Harris administration.

Despite their attempts to damage control, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has convinced virtually no one that harmony exists in the White House.

The tensions between the two are palpable; even their staffers can’t get along.

Kamala Harris can’t believe she isn’t playing a more vital role, but given her track record at the border, it appears she’s unable to handle any consequential tasks which have immense impact.

Now, as a result, key members of both Biden and Harris’ team have handed in their resignations.

most recently, Emma Riley, the White House Communications Chief of Staff for Joe Biden quit on Friday, announcing her move on social media.

Riley announced she would leave the White House to work with Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh and the Department of Labor.

Riley appeared excited that the House of Representatives finally passed Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, sharing Mean Girls memes on her personal account to celebrate.

But the White House communications team faces a different set of problems as the president is suffering low approval ratings and questions about his health and mental abilities.

Riley previously worked as the Deputy Communications Director for the Biden-Harris campaign in Pennsylvania and also worked for Walsh as an associate press secretary when he was Mayor of Boston. She also helped Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign as an organizing director.

Riley’s departure from the White House is the second in just a week for the Biden-Harris team.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ communications director Ashley Etienne also quit on Thursday, as the vice president continues struggling with bad headlines.

It will take a miracle worker to transform the contentious narrative surrounding Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

As long as they continue to uphold policy that makes life in America more difficult, the dynamic duo has no shot of regaining any popularity with citizens.

If they have any shot at getting reelected, the Democrats better usher in a new pandemic so they can steal another election.

Author: Asa McCue