It’s No Question Which Party Americans Want Running U.S.

It comes as no shock to anyone paying attention that an American majority hopes Democrats face a historic trouncing during the ’22 midterm elections.

As Donald Trump says, “Everything woke turns to sh*t,” and he couldn’t be more correct.

For the passed five years, the Democrat Party has slowly inched its way to the left.

What voters are left with is a corporate political organization that pushes censorship, destroys individual rights, introduces medical tyranny, creates chaos and lawlessness, devastates small business, cozies up to Communist dictators, flirts with war, unnecessarily kills U.S. servicemen and Afghan civilians, completely guts a bustling economy, ends energy independence, oversees destruction of democracy, and much more.

As a result, more Americans want to see Republicans take both the House and Senate in 2022 instead of Democrats who retain narrow majorities.

The Quinnipiac University poll – which is mostly sympatric to Democrats – released a poll this week which gives Republicans a 46-38 advantage on a generic House ballot and a 46-40 advantage on a generic Senate ballot.

The GOP’s advantages were driven by Independent voters, who broke for Republicans by 10 points on each generic ballot in the poll.

The poll was even worse for Biden, showing his approval rating to be 17 points underwater at 36% even as his bipartisan infrastructure bill and $1.75 trillion spending plan polled at 57% and 58% favorability, respectively.

Among registered voters, Republicans hold a five and four-point edge on a generic House and Senate ballot, respectively.

This poll is just the latest to underscore the headwinds facing Democrats as they fight to defend their 221-213 House majority and a 50-50 Senate that relies on Vice President Kamala Harris to break ties.

Some moderates and Republicans have blamed the loss in Virginia on Democrats moving too far left, an assertion reflected in the Quinnipiac poll, which showed 52% of Americans saying as such while just 35% said that Republicans had moved too far to the right.

Don’t misinterpret the overlying intentions of the Democrat Party.

While their poll numbers may be in the toilet, they are hardly consequential when the entire Party is involved in a scheme to rig presidential elections. Poll numbers are a trivial inconvenience for these people.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney