Biden Administration Squanders Opportunity To Fix Border Crisis

Trying to understand the priorities driving policy decisions within the Biden administration is an act of complete futility; there’s simply no proper explanation.

The Biden administration has stated on multiple occasions they’re working tirelessly to fix the broken border system. They claim they inherited a horrific, inhumane border from the big, bad Donald Trump. They are desperate to come up with a solution to reduce the level of illegal migration.


If that were the case, then why won’t Biden broach the subject of illegal immigration during a meeting with Mexican leaders?

Biden is set to meet with the North American Leaders during a summit and White House officials confirmed the topic of illegal immigration is off the table.

The Biden administration, which has relied on Mexican officials to help stop migrants from reaching the U.S. southern border, will soon decide whether to bring back former President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico policies. Trump’s policy did have support from Mexican leaders, who claimed at the time ‘Remain in Mexico’ contributed to reduction in crime on both sides of the wall.

However, according to an administration official, illegal immigration is “not a real focus, this time around,” adding, “borders more than likely won’t be discussed.” The discussions are expected to cover the “unprecedented displacement” of migrants across several countries.

The leaders are also expected to discuss “root causes” of mass migration, including poverty and violence in migrants’ home countries. It seems the Biden administration won’t abandon the “root causes” buzz phrase despite Kamala’s failed attempt to correct them earlier this year.

The Biden administration will reportedly consider expanding migrant benefits like legal immigration opportunities and access to work visas.

The real root causes, the true reason why migrants are storming the border is because they’ve been incentivized to do so. If U.S. border officials are ordered not to enforce immigration law, then what’s stopping illegals from crossing over?

Meanwhile, leaders from the U.S., Canada and Mexico haven’t met since 2016. Migrants and asylum seekers typically pick one of the three countries to resettle in.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney