Biden’s Reign Of Terror Is Coming To An End, And This Proves It

It’s all crashing down for America’s cognitively deficient president, a man most voters cannot stomach any longer.

Biden, a 50-year career politician, possesses all of the qualities most Americans hate in their elected officials: snide, sneering, manipulative, pandering, dishonest, etc etc.

Finally, after nearly a year in office, it’s become abundantly clear that Joe Biden is nothing but an evil shell propped by corporate interests to push some of the most radical policies and legislation the United States has ever known.

A recent poll spells it all out ever-so-clearly.

The majority of registered voters believe Joe Biden is untrustworthy, dishonest, and incapable of leading the nation, a Politico/Morning Consult poll released this week.

A majority of 51% believe their president is untrustworthy while only 43% believe Biden can be trusted. Moreover, a majority of 51% think Biden is dishonest as only 44% believe Biden tells the truth.

Asked whether Biden keeps his promises, a majority of 52% said Biden breaks his promises with 39% alleging he keeps his promises.

A majority of 56% also say Biden is a weak leader. 38% percent said he is a strong leader.

When respondents were asked if Biden is capable of leading the country, a majority of 53% said he is not capable and 41% said he is.

A majority of respondents also said Biden is not energetic (60% – 34%) while a similar majority asserts Biden is not a clear communicator (57% – 37%).

The poll additionally asked whether Biden was mentally fit and healthy to be the president. 48% said Biden is not mentally fit and 46 % said he is. Just 40% said Biden is in good health while 50 percent did not believe so.

Voters believed Biden was mentally fit by a 21 point margin in November of 2021. Voters also believed last year that Biden was in good health by 19 point margin.

The terrible poll comes as the United States has felt the impact of the president’s policies. For instance, inflation is at a thirty-year high.

The poll sampled 1,998 registered voters between November 13-15. The poll has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

Biden’s White House handlers will shield him from these numbers, no doubt.

Meanwhile, Jen Psaki and the communications team is working overtime to revitalize Biden’s image, an utterly futile task.

Author: Asa McCue