White House Scrambles To Erase History Between Biden, Xi

Try as they might, Jen Psaki and the entire White House team is using every possible resource to erase the bond between Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jingping.

The pair have much in common, both being authoritarian tyrants and all.

A virtual meeting was held on Tuesday between the leaders of the world’s top two economies, and little was accomplished, save for Biden essentially promising to build China back better while ignoring key facts, such as the origins of COVID-19.

The decision to not hold China accountable for the global pandemic was an intention one as the Biden administration works overtime to conceal the truth and protect the far east Communists.

But why?

Because if Biden and the Democrats push to hold China accountable, they will lose the opportunity to issue further lockdowns in the future. The climate change lockdown is on the horizon and the Democrats don’t want to squash their ability to keep Americans silent and in their homes.

Meanwhile, during their meeting, Chinese President Xi referred to Biden as an “old friend” and the White House is struggling to change the narrative.

Xi greeted Biden at the start of their three-hour virtual meeting Monday night as “lao peng you.” Pool reporter Ching-Yi Chang, of U.S. News Center, wrote in his dispatch that “lao peng you,” or “old friend,” “has a very special meaning in China’s diplomacy.” The White House confirmed the interpretation.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki had been asked that afternoon about Biden’s December 2013 description of Xi as an “old friend,” adamant that Biden no longer holds the opinion.

A day later, Bates declined to comment on reports the Biden administration would stage a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. But he was clear that a boycott was not discussed during the pair’s meeting.

“I just don’t have anything to add on that subject right now,” he said.

The pro-Communist Biden administration strikes again, sending a clear message to the American people that diminishing freedom is on the horizon.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth