Biden Administration Willingly Imports Next 9/11 Terrorist

There is no end to the sick and twisted ways of the Biden administration.

The priorities put forth since day one have severely impacted the American people, both at home and from afar.

National security is no concern for Joe Biden, a man who approves of the mass import of third world immigrants through the southern border and through various “humanitarian” programs.

As a matter of fact a large portion of immigrants come from hot beds of Islamic terrorism and the Biden administration is doing virtually nothing to ensure the aliens allowed into the U.S. pose no threat.

Biden’s border chief admitted to Sen. Josh Hawley that officials have not fully checked the identity and purposes of all Afghans who crowded into U.S. aircraft in Kabul.

“You are correct that we are not conducting in-person full refugee interviews of 100 percent of the individuals,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted.

Hawley compared the chaotic airlift of Afghans to the reckless lack of U.S. border security prior to the Al Qaeda 2001 destruction of New York’s Twin Towers.

Meanwhile, the military bases-turned refugee camps for Afghans have experienced numerous problems since Biden began his resettlement program. Communal illness which have long-been eradicated from the West have been reintroduced — not to mention the staggering rate of COVID-19 at the bases.

Additionally, violent criminals have been allowed to slip through Homeland Security vetting efforts and have resettled here in the U.S. interior.

And still, Democratic legislators and appointees want to bring in more unskilled and poor Afghan migrants, even though the poor and unskilled Afghans will drag down Americans’ wages and drive up Americans’ housing costs.

Are you paying attention yet?

It appears this is a concerted effort from the Democrat Party who insists on making life as hard as possible for as many Americans as possible, which would create a greater need for federal assistance, thus ensuring job security for lawmakers.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney