Trump Responds To Latest Liberal Smears, And He Did Not Mince Words

The constant rumors against Former President Trump is starting to get pathetic.

Whether it’s journalist, elected lawmakers, or even former White House officials, it seems Trump is constantly attacked from every angle, but somehow always manages to fight it off.

After all, it’s always his word versus theirs; they never have any proof for their ridiculous claims.

The latest attempt to sow the seed of discord amongst Republicans comes as Jonathan Karl, leading Fake News hack at CNN claimed in a forthcoming book that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell attempted to block President trump from attending the inauguration of Joe Biden, one that trump claims he never planned on attending.

According to Karl, McConnell drafted a letter demanding Trump stay away from Biden’s inauguration ceremony. He reportedly approached top congressional leaders of both parties sign it, sending a clear message to the Former President and essentially barring him from the premises.

However, this is all a fabrication. Quite possibly one of their most desperate fabrications.

Not one to let anything slide, Donald Trump is speaking out against the Left’s latest attempt to divide the Republican Party.

McConnell wanted to disinvite Trump because he did not want him to have another chance to disrupt the peaceful transition of power, according to the book. But his alleged efforts ultimately fell apart because Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy opposed the letter, arguing it would be a moment of unity to have Trump attend the inauguration, Karl reported.

At the time, Biden invited Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence, to the inauguration but said it was “good” that Trump was not attending.

In his statement, Trump accused McConnell of doing nothing to change the outcome of the election and of working on deals with China for “his wife and family.”

As the rift between McConnell and Trump grows, so does the changing tides of the new GOP, one which Trump now leads.

Gone are the days of old stogey Republicans like McConnell, who alienate working Americans and do more to secure Democrat victories than anything else.

It’s Trump’s GOP now.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney