Cruz Obliterates Republican Traitors Who Helped Democrats Score Major Victory

Republican Senator Ted Cruz hammered Republicans in both the House and Senate who voted for Biden’s radical infrastructure package, slamming them for “breathing life into” the “failing” Dem agenda.

Cruz appeared on Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo.

Bartiromo said, “Well, you would have thought that the Democrats saw Virginia and New Jersey as a wake up call to slow things down. In fact, it’s the opposite.”

“You had an opportunity there to stop this whole agenda, but your colleagues decided not to go that path. You had 19 of your colleagues in the Senate vote for the infrastructure package; you had 13 in the House vote for the infrastructure package,” Bartiromo said. “What exactly did that do? Now, because they did that, the path is wide open for much higher taxes for the rest of us to pay. Isn’t that true?”

“It’s exactly true, and it’s maddening,” Cruz replied.

The senator added that in the Senate, Republicans spent “week after week at lunch yelling at each other,” over the package.

He continued, ““with most of the Republicans saying to those who wanted to support this infrastructure bill, “Why are you doing it? Why are you facilitating the Bernie Sanders socialist budget?” They argued, “No, no, no, if we pass this, it’ll make the other less likely to pass.” That never made sense to me. The Democrats never made any agreement to that. They didn’t say, “We won’t pursue the Bernie Sanders budget.” What they said is, “Okay, we’ll take both; we’ll take $1.2 trillion here, and then we’ll take $5.5 trillion here.” That’s what the Democrats said.”

Cruz said, “And I will tell you, in the House, for the House Republicans who voted for this, Joe Biden and the Democrats, their agenda was on the rails. It was failing. It was on the way to going down. And what those Republicans did is they breathed life into it; they gave Joe Biden a political win. He’ll now go across the country touting, look at this big bipartisan win. And that additional momentum, unfortunately, makes it more likely that they whip their Democrats into shape and pass some multi-trillion-dollar spending bill on top of this that will include, unfortunately, trillions in new taxes. That’s what the stakes are all about. I still hope it doesn’t happen.”

“And I hope Joe Manchin does what you suggested, what he suggested, which is to say, “Hey, let’s kick this till next year. Let’s wait until inflation is licked, till we’ve stopped inflation, then we can talk about the next package.” I think that would show a lot of wisdom. That would be a very statesman-like act for Joe Manchin to do.”

Other Republicans have warned that the infrastructure bill will contribute to a further rise in energy costs throughout the country in addition to making our already fragile grid less reliable.

The bill will also contribute to worsening the 30-year record inflation that the U.S is facing under Biden and the Democrats.

Author: Seth Thomas