Supplies Dwindle Nationwide As Biden’s Crisis Intensifies — Here’s How It Will Affect You

Not since the great depression or Barack Obama’s economic recession has the U.S. economy been in such a state of disarray.

Cargo ships are lying in wait for transport, but there’s simply no one to deliver the goods across the country.

A record 164 cargo ships were reportedly waiting off California’s coast to unload goods as Biden’s supply chain crisis persists.

Biden again breaks another economic record as their has never been that many cargo ships at the California port since November 5 record when 159 ships were waiting to offload containers. On October 19, 100 ships were delayed from unloading freight, another record-breaking amount. October’s numbers are greater than September’s. On September 25, 60 ships were reportedly waiting to unload goods.

The shipping backlog is presumably driving the supply chain crisis and exacerbating inflation, yet Biden nor his administration find it necessary to ease economic restraints on the American people. The Southern California port is responsible for more than 40% of the goods shipped across the United States, so any disruption to that supply chain results in skyrocketing prices for consumers.

Biden attempted to address concerns this week, but all he did was admit his policies caused the crisis.

The ships seem unable to offload the goods because the ports are jammed with containers waiting for truckers to drive the freight to locations around the nation. But the ports appear to be struggling to efficiently move the containers from the ships to trucks or trains.

Truck drivers have complained they wait for hours to pick up a load of freight at the ports, which prohibits their productivity. With delays impacting drivers’ ability to earn a living, the trucking industry is facing a 30% labor shortage or 80,000 drivers in real numbers.

…and that’s before Biden’s vaccine mandate goes into effect early next year.

Not to mention the green energy red tape currently infecting California, which further reduces the speed in which goods can be transported. Instead of using large 18-wheeler big rigs, the far-left state demands the use of fuel efficient vans, another added expense on truckers.

When will common sense return to government?

Author: Asa McCue