DeSantis Has The Perfect Solution To Biden’s Immigrant Problem

Republican Governors have had about enough dealing with the undue consequences of Biden’s open border policies, namely Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who came up with a perfect solution for the invasion of illegals.

DeSantis says he will bus foreign economic migrants to Joe Biden’s beloved home state of Delaware.

The Sunshine State Governor was asked recently about the Biden administration’s use of dead-of-night private flights to transport illegal immigrants from the US-Mexico border into Florida.

This is how DeSantis responded:

Many of the migrants get temporary legal status from Biden’s pro-migration deputies as they cross the border. That status would likely deny DeSantis a legal opportunity to detain the migrants for transport to Delaware.

However, migrants who are arrested for the violation of state laws can be detained.

Since January, Biden’s deputies have released roughly 600,000 migrants into the United States, and have allowed at least 400,000 migrants to sneak across the border, often after multiple attempts.

But that’s just the data their willing to share. Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has lacked transparency regarding the number of illegals released into the U.S. interior, so it would come as no shock if the DHS data is not accurate.

Not only do illegal immigrants cause immense strain on the American taxpayer, but they distort the national job market, often undercutting citizens for jobs by accepting lower pay.

Their arrival allows giant corporations to hire cheap foreign workers instead of hiring Americans at good wages, or instead of investing in labor-saving machines to help Americans do more productive work in less time.

Are you paying attention yet?

The migrants also drive up the cost of housing for Americans, making it hard for young Americans to buy homes and create families.

Illegal immigration has become a big enterprise for globalists, Democrats, and corporate overlords who could care less what country their employees come from, as long as they’re cheap.

With the rate at which illegals are invading the United States, it will take no time for the Democrats to import a brand new voting block and ensure their future dominance in electoral politics.

They must be stopped.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth