Trump Chides So-Called Republicans Who “Gave Biden a Victory”

Donald Trump is taking no prisoners, calling out so-called Republicans who enabled Biden to put a check in his win column just as he about to fold on the “Build Back Better” scam.

Dozens of House and Senate Republicans voted to advance the first installment of Biden’s political framework, resulting in a $1.2 trillion dollar victory for the cognitively deficient president.

As Trump is quick to point out, the bill only allocates 11% of it’s total funding to physical infrastructure projects, yet 13 House Republicans voted to advance it anyway.

Those 13 GOP Reps. felt Trump’s wrath this week during a speech he gave in Tampa at the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner. At least one lawmaker who voted for Biden’s spending bill was present — the ostensibly ‘America First’ Rep. Nicole Maliotakis of New York.

Witnesses at the dinner report that Malliotakis was “visibly shaken” by Trump’s comments, but has defended her decision on social media.

These are the 12, in addition to addition to Malliotakis:

  • Reps. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
  • Don Bacon, Nebraska
  • Don Young, Alaska
  • John Katko,
  • Tom Reed, and
  • Andrew Garbarino, all of New York
  • Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
  • Chris Smith
  • Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey
  • Fred Upton, Michigan
  • Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio
  • David McKinley, West Virginia.

Trump also slammed the party members in a statement earlier this week.

In his speech at the Tampa event on Monday, Trump complained that passing the bill gave President Joe Biden a win when his numbers were soft, and that “no thank you goes to the Republicans who voted for the bill.”

Other Republicans have attempted to defend their vote through various statements, claiming they were doing right by their constituents.

They also reiterated that their support for the infrastructure bill does not mean they’ll vote for the larger spending package.

“Most of the hard infrastructure bill is paid for by unspent COVID money that was already appropriated by Congress,” one Republican said.

Another claimed Biden’s bill “Is not the Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Budget Busting Bill, which would’ve cost American taxpayers their hard-earned money. When that bill does come to the floor for a vote, I will be a hard ‘NO.’”

Republicans can be such losers sometimes.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth