White House Tries (And Fails) To Defend Biden’s Increasing Unpopularity

Try as they might, the White House is doing all they can to put a positive spin on America’s hatred for Joe Biden.

Day by day his popularity plummets; the Americans simply cannot stand the cognitively deficient president, especially as of late.

Biden’s policies have handcuffed many Americans who simply wish for the freedoms granted under the previous administration. Consumer prices have skyrocketed, the border is in disarray, the military is depleted, the economy is in ruins, and ‘wokeness’ has invaded the national conversation.

Everywhere you look Biden’s ever-increasing failures are overwhelming.

Despite the pair’s plummeting job approval ratings, the White House insists it is unfazed by P Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’s poll numbers.

The Biden-Harris administration is confident its policies “will improve the lives of nearly every American” by growing the economy and creating jobs, according to Jen Psaki’s second in command.

Spreading utter lies about Biden’s $1.75 trillion social welfare and climate spending framework, Jean-Pierre said components of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal, which the House passed last week after the Senate cleared it months ago, are “very popular.”

“American families want to see these historic investments in infrastructure,” she said.

Untrue. A vast majority of Americans do not support, nor are they even aware of, Biden’s “build back better” plan or what it contains.

Any “popularity” the White House is referring to is perhaps linked to the idea that Americans simply want to see positive strides to fix what’s broken in the country. They are tired of Biden’s failures, so any semblance of success will boost the president’s popularity — even by just a fraction.

There is still no date for when Biden will sign the infrastructure deal into law. However, she was optimistic the president and his congressional colleagues would pass the broader spending package, noting it “is going to be paid for” and “will add $0 to the deficit.”

They really do think we’re complete idiots.

Meanwhile, Biden’s average job approval rating is 42.8% and disapproval 51.7%, according to RealClearPolitics . Harris’s job approval is 40% and disapproval is 51.4%.

On Monday, however, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll found Biden’s approval was at 38% and Harris’s at 28% before the House passed the infrastructure deal.

Author: Asa McCue