Biden’s Narcissism On Full Display, Says He’s Smarter Than ‘PhD’s’

Joe Biden exhibited just what a pompous, snide, sneering, smug politician looks like — and he just happens to be a Democrat.

Top Democrats have a habit lately of laughing directly at the American people who are growing increasingly concerned at the state of our country.

Whether it’s Kamala Harris giggling about the border crisis or Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm chucking about the rising gas prices, Joe Biden’s administration is a prime example of liberal smugness.

On Saturday, Joe Biden held a press conference after both the House and Senate passed the first installment of his “Build Back Better” framework. He appeared cocky and full of himself; the doctors must have shot him up with something good.

He was asked by a reporter if the American people could “fully understand” the supply chain topic the same way he does, implying that we’re brutish plebeians unable to grasp why nearly every consumer price has skyrocketed.

“People are worried,” Biden added, questioning if people understand why “the price of agricultural products” has increased.

“Do you think they’d understand what we’re talking about? About the supply chain?” Biden asked.


“They’re smart people,” the president offered, but he concluded the current crisis was a part of a “complicated world.”

Biden continued to insult the American people by claiming, “Whether you have a PhD or work in a restaurant, this is a hard concept to understand.”

Biden promised to try and “explain to the American people” what supply chain issues America faces, yet he can barely complete a sentence.

You can watch the complete s*** show below:

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg affirmed earlier this week the country would have to further tackle the coronavirus pandemic in order for supply-chain issues to subside.

Again, another member of the Biden administration milking the China Virus pandemic for all its worth.

Everyone knows the pandemic is not what’s keeping truck drivers unemployed; everyone can clearly see that the pandemic is not what’s keeping workers out of the labor market; everyone can clearly identify the problem; and it’s not the pandemic.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Asa McCue