DeSantis Leads Rebellion As Democrats Face Irreversible Losses

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hammered Democrats following Terry McAuliffe’s loss to Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia gubernatorial election – noting that Americans are rebelling against the Democrats radical agenda.

On “Fox & Friends,” Wednesday, DeSantis suggested that Americans are fed up with Democrats after continued COVID-19 restrictions and issues with school boards, further predicting that the red wave which we saw in Virginia will carry over into the 2022 midterm elections across the nation.

DeSantis said, “People are rebelling against what the Democrat Party stands for nowadays – the never-ending mandates and restrictions because of COVID, using our school system for leftist indoctrination rather than high-quality education. And then the Biden regime failures from Afghanistan to the southern border, gas prices, inflation, supply chain.”

“I think you had Glenn Youngkin, who really, I think did a great job, was a great candidate, and I think he really represented a contrasting vision that was much more appealing to the majority of Virginians.”

DeSanits continued saying, “And I do think this wave is building. I think it was strong last night, but I think it’s going to keep building all the way into 2022. And if you go back to the 2010 wave that Republicans had, I think there’s more dissatisfaction with what’s going on in D.C. today than there was at this time in that election cycle. And that is good news for Republicans, and that is bad news for Joe Biden and his regime.”

On Tuesday night, results from Virginia showed that the blue state had voted for the GOP and given them the governorship, the lieutenant governorship, the attorney general’s office, and possibly control of the state assembly.

DeSantis spokeswoman, Christina Pushaw, delivered a rousing message for Virginia voters: “Dear Virginia, Welcome to the Resistance! Love, Florida.”

DeSantis has been a constant critic of the Biden administration, defying them repeatedly while charting a conservative path for the state. Even before he was Florida’s governor, he was targeting Democrats in Washington, D.C. In January 2018, appearing on Fox News’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight” with host David Asman, he slammed Democratic members of Congress refusing to consider supporting a spending bill to fund the government, saying, “They care more about illegal immigrants than they do about our American military.”

In February 2021, DeSantis reacted harshly to speculation that the Biden administration might institute travel restrictions on the state. DeSantis fired: “I think it would be unconstitutional, it would be unwise, and it would be unjust,” adding that “restricting the right of Americans to travel freely throughout our country while allowing illegal aliens to pour across the southern border unmolested would be a ridiculous, but very damaging farce.”

He continued: “We will not back down, and if anyone tries to harm Floridians or target us, we will respond very swiftly.”

In April, DeSantis called Biden an “aggressive left-wing culture warrior.”

He said of the political Left: “I think they’re very caustic and nasty. I think unless they make us a complete socialist country, these people are never going to be happy, and I think that even though Biden’s been the most left-wing president of our lifetimes, I would say, even more than LBJ —LBJ wasn’t as left-wing on the culture as Biden is, and Biden is an aggressive left-wing culture warrior — but I think anything short of complete domination of conservatism, making sure people that have conservative views are shut out, anything short of that, they’re just not going to be happy.”

He added of the Democratic party, “I think they’re captive to that part of their base and I think that’s ultimately going to be their undoing in 2022 and then I think probably in 2024.”

Author: Bryson Goodrow