Trump Urges Supporters To Make History Ahead of Major Vote

The race to elect Virginia’s next governor is said to be an indicator of what’s to come in the ’22 midterms and ’24 presidential election.

A lot is riding on the race: liberal whack-o Terry McAuliffe has made some incredible remarks on the campaign trail including the time he implied parents don’t deserve to know what’s being taught to their children.

Now’s he’s playing the race card and the anti-Trump card to help his garner more votes on Tuesday.

On the eve of the Virginia gubernatorial election, former President Donald Trump tied himself to Glenn Youngkin and urged people to vote for the Republican nominee despite questioning the integrity of the state’s election system.

Trump briliantly referred to the mainstream media operatives as “perverts” who are trying to “convince people that we do not like each other” so that the former president’s base won’t show up to vote for Youngkin. He also highlighted the glaring evidence of voter fraud in Virginia, where he mysteriously lost to Biden by 10 points.

Trump’s statement is a gift to Youngkin, who’s supporters largely agree with the Former President on the wild inaccuracies of the ’20 presidential election.

Youngkin has not made Trump a significant part of his campaign and has kept him at arm’s length in the final weeks before Election Day. Youngkin told reporters last week that he had not recently talked to Trump.

Trump is reportedly planning to hold a tele-rally in support of Youngkin on Monday night.

“Remember this, Glenn Youngkin is a good man, a hardworking man, a successful man. He loves Virginia and wants to cut your taxes, save your children’s education, and many other very good things,” Trump said in his statement.

“Terry McAuliffe is a low-life politician who lies, cheats, and steals. He was a terrible high-tax governor and would be, if elected, an even worse governor again.”

“Get out and vote for a man who will be a great governor, Glenn Youngkin!”

This bellwether race gives a clear indication where the hearts and minds of voters lie. Let’s just hope Virginians make the correct decision.

Author: Asa McCue