Biden Under Fire After The Whole World Catches Sleepy Joe In Action

President Joe Biden became the brunt of a number of jokes yet again after a video went viral which appeared to show the senile old president falling asleep during opening speeches at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The 78-year-old Democrat has claimed to top Pentagon officials that climate change should be considered as the “greatest threat” to America’s national security in the coming years but his actions at the conference didn’t quite fall in line with his supposed belief.

The president sat with his arms crossed, appearing to drift in and out of sleep, in video shared by Washington Post reporter Zach Purser Brown.

“Biden appears to fall asleep during COP26 opening speeches,” Purser Brown wrote to caption the video that showed Biden closing his eyes for extended periods of time before an aide approached him with some type of message.

Biden was also seen wiping his eyes and the video quickly went viral, with many mocking the president for appearing to take a quick nap.

Former President Trump reacted to the video of Biden napping on the global stage saying, “Biden went to Europe saying Global Warming is his highest priority, and then promptly fell asleep, for all the world to see, at the Conference itself. Nobody that has true enthusiasm and belief in a subject will ever fall asleep!”

Tim Murtaugh, former Trump campaign spokesperson said, “This is remarkable. His staff clearly saw that Biden had fallen asleep and sent someone in to wake him up. Watch the whole thing.”

Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, who served as White Doctor under both Trump and Obama, said, “NOBODY in their right mind believes this man is actually running our country. It’s so painfully obvious he’s not physically or mentally up for the job, that it’s EMBARRASSING. He needs to resign. America deserves better than this.”

Republican Rep. Jody Hice noted, “President Biden is literally asleep at the wheel while Americans face unprecedented crises on almost every front.”

Biden’s public napping came after the president already faced backlash on his international trip following a press conference in which he could only call on a pre-approved list of reporters after meeting with the press following the G-20 summit in Rome.

On Sunday, Biden discussed meeting with other world leaders in Rome to enact climate change initiatives. After his talk, he opened the floor to questions but admitted that he was told to start with the Associated Press.

“And now I’m happy to take some questions. And I’m told I should start with AP, Zeke Miller,” Biden said.

Biden has previously alluded to the idea that he had a list of pre-approved reporters to call on back multiple times, including in June following his Geneva visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I’ll take your questions, and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on,” Biden told the press.

Every aspect of the Biden presidency has been a disaster, and many critics are wondering who is really calling the shots behind closed doors.

Author: David Landry