Biden Humiliates America On The World Stage Yet Again

This is what we’ve come to expect from Joe Biden, so-called president of the United States and leader of the free world.

Time and again Sleepy Joe shows what being an American is all about while our once-great country continues down a path of utter decline and destruction. It’s an amalgamation of hopelessness, laziness, and a façade of confidence when deep-down you know something isn’t right.

After 108 days of ignoring the press, Joe Biden was reportedly very tardy for his press conference in Rome following meetings with world leaders about liberal’s favorite invisible monster ‘climate change.’

Starting off with a bang, the cognitively deficient president began his solo press conference with an apology.

“I apologize for keeping you waiting. We were playing with elevators,” Biden claimed. “Long story.”

Pardon me?

He continued by reading off a list of pre-screened reporters with approved questions:

“Zeke, you have a question?”

Biden couldn’t even spit out the name of the country with whom cold war seems eminent after a breakdown in diplomacy and trade relations despite Biden’s relentless weakness and kow towing.

Biden appeared dazed and lifeless when he called on God to pass his Build Back Better Framework back home.

He touted the billions of dollars allocated for ‘climate change’ despite America’s energy crisis and skyrocketing inflation.

Sleepy Joe did appear confident, however.

You know, you’ve all believed it wouldn’t happen from the very beginning, the moment I announced it, and you always seem amazed when it’s alive again. Well, you may turn out to be right; maybe it won’t work. But I believe we’ll see by the end of next week, at home, that it’s passed.

He went on to list line by line the items he plans to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on, including: tax credits for electric vehicles, to making sure we are able to invest, literally, billions of dollars in everything from highways, roads, bridges, public transit, airports, et cetera.

Our adversaries were also under attack for not doing their part in fighting the invisible monster ‘climate change.’

Probably because those countries are working out how to take full advantage of Joe’s weakness. While he’s endlessly going on about climate change, Russia and China are moving in against our allies, slowly-but-surely encroaching on the United States through cyber and economic attacks.

Pretty soon it will come to a head. But at least our carbon emissions output is lower!

That was Biden’s first press conference in 108 days, and he only took 8 questions from an even fewer number of reporters from a preapproved list…

Author: Asa McCue