Biden Fails To Convince Anyone Of His Competence

Apparently world leaders simply trust Joe Biden more than they ever did Former President Trump.

According to Biden, politics is personal and nothing can get achieved without the globalist elite singing kumbayah.

During his first solo press conference in over 100 days, Biden say of his fellow G-20 globalists:

“They know me. I know them. We get things done together.”

Obviously implying that wasn’t the case under Trump’s presidency , which as many world leaders have said, is a complete lie.

However, he continued, throwing our greatest adversaries under the bus at a time when the they are strengthening their forces against the U.S. and her allies. Biden, again, threatening the national security of the United States.

Biden ended the G-20 summit by revealing new ways of fixing the supply chain crisis back home by focusing on more global initiatives to combat it.

Makes sense, right?

Again, Biden threw his own people under the bus, saying “most citizens never think twice about supply chains until something goes wrong.”

What an insult.

He added, “It isn’t a problem any one of our nations can solve through unilateral actions. Coordination is the key reason for this meeting.”

Supply chain issues have emerged as a point of economic and political pain for Biden, as the delays have contributed to inflation and potentially put a damper on holiday shopping. Republican lawmakers have cited the threat of inflation and supply chain challenges in critiquing Biden’s economic leadership.

Joe Biden in no way convinced the American people of his competence. As a matter of fact he’s done more to heighten concerns of his cognitive failure.

Even while attempting to bash our greatest enemy, a nation with whom cold war seems eminent, Biden struggles to get the words out.

Lest we forget, each and every time Trump was tasked to meet with world leaders he projected strength. Not just a feeling of strength, but actually strength and fortitude as he knew the American people were relying on him.

Cut to today when all the American people see is mealy-mouthed Biden kissing up to globalist leader who are just as intent on destroying their countries as Sleepy Joe is.

Author: Asa McCue