Liberals Eat Crow After Anti-Lockdown Governor Defies All Odds

Since the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, liberals demonstrated their willingness to follow every order, every edict, and every demand from the federal government despite the backtracks and full blown lies.

Not only were they willing to follow orders, they empowered themselves as COVID police willing to punish anyone and everyone who dared question the status quo.

This provided endlessly useful data for the federal government, who can no impose further lockdowns knowing a large swatch of the population will lay down an follow suit.

Luckily not every politician feels it necessary to control the population, and many Republican governors took bold action to prevent their state from becoming a tyrannical hellscape.

Ron DeSantis was one of those governors.

The Florida Republican was the ideal example of how to lead your state out of a pandemic. Without subjecting Floridians to endless lockdowns, mask mandates, forced vaccination, and other horrific medical torture, DeSantis emerged victorious. Florida now has the lowest case rate of COVID-19 in the nation.

Over the last seven days, Florida has had but nine new cases of COVID-19 per day per 100,000 residents. Florida is tied with Hawaii for the lowest rate among the 50 U.S. states, and trails only American Samoa, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands when including U.S. territories.

COVID-19 cases in Florida have declined by 90% since a peak of nearly 22,000 per day in August during the worst of the so-called delta wave.

Southern states and their Republican governors, including Florida, were subject to media scrutiny during the delta surge as they faced higher rates of new cases and deaths than other parts of the country. Now, the south has the lowest rate of new cases per capita of the country’s four major regions, and liberal media is forced to eat crow.

While cases and deaths are declining rapidly across the south, the virus is not subsiding as quickly in the northeast or northern Midwest – areas with the most strident mandates.

“Under the Governor’s leadership, Florida has continued to take innovative approaches to the COVID-19 response – and it is incredible to see the data showing this success.

But will the mainstream media apologize for their endless fear mongering?

Highly unlikely.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth