Anti-Biden Chants Unite Country — Unlike Clueless Joe

No matter what the White House says in public, they’re privately growing extremely concerned with just how popular a pair of anti-Biden chants have become.

Mainstream media outlets have gone radio silent, refusing to acknowledge the chants ringing out across the country, save for calling them “vulgar,” according to CNN. But the American people feel differently, with a majority finding the chants appropriate.

The Trafalgar Group polled a group of Americans asking multiple questions about the ‘F*** Joe Biden chant and its resulting meme ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant.

First, by a margin of 58%-34%, likely general election voters said that they are familiar with both chants.

Big majorities of Republicans, 74%, and independents, 63%, said they knew about them, while just 39% of Democrats said they were familiar with the chants.

Overall, and by a margin of 44%-39%, voters believe that yelling it as a protest is appropriate.

But among those familiar with both, 59% said it is appropriate, and 76% said one or the other or both are a good way to protest the Biden administration.

The chant started at college football games, and it exploded after a NASCAR reporter mistook it for “Let’s Go Brandon” when interviewing driver Brandon Brown. Now they are both used interchangeably.

This data reveals that the phenomenon we’re seeing everywhere in this great nation is real, widespread, and has support from the people across party lines.

Joe Biden is fulfilling his campaign promise to unite the country, but I’m sure this isn’t what he meant.

The ‘Great American Pushback’ has begun and it’s going to grow. Americans have never taken well to tyranny, and they are not going to start now.

The meme has become so popular that it is showing up on T-shirts and face masks, and the conservative social media site GETTR flew a “Let’s Go Brandon” banner over Sunday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth