Trump Scratches Head, Wonders When Fox Became Pro-Dem

The downfall of Fox news is a tragic reality for conservative or right-leaning Americans, many of whom have no where else to turn for news without obvious far-left bias.

As it turns out, many Americans don’t want their public events served with a side of socialism.

At one point in time Fox was THE place for political, business, and sports commentary without the added snide liberalism of its competitors. Many escaped the CNN, MSNBC vortex by tuning into Fox and learning what’s really happening across the country.

Some pundits were critical of Trump, some appreciated his America first policies; there was something for everyone who finds themselves on the right.

However, it was unthinkable for the formerly-conservative news station to run advertisements directly attacking the Former President to this degree. Criticism is one thing, but to advocate for a political party that is actively seeking America’s destruction is beyond the pale; leave that to the radicals at CNN.

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday slammed Fox News for running commercials that are critical of him while guests and hosts say positive things about him and his ideas.

Trump laments the many forces against him and his movement, naming Big Tech, Fake News Media, the Radical Left, RINOs, and more — just to list a few.

Despite this, Fox is taking arms with the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, running attack ads against the Former President while heaping praise on him during in-person interviews.

Such hypocrisy is typical on other news stations, but should be shunned at Fox.

Trump has not announced whether he will be seeking another term in office in the 2024 election cycle, though he has strongly hinted at it. Even so, he is campaigning and endorsing candidates in the 2022 midterms as he holds rallies across the country.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney