Biden Finds One Thing He Is Able To Beat Trump At

Joe Biden has officially topped Former President Donald Trump by one key metric upon entering the White House.

Trump can hang his head knowing that he stayed in White House, working endlessly for tax cuts, economic freedom, a safe and secure border, and other America First policies while Biden balks at his responsibilities and flees from his D.C. residence.

According to analysis from CNN – of all outlets – Joe Biden has spend significantly less time at the White House compared to Donald Trump at the same period in their presidencies.

Biden returns to one his two homes in Delaware as often as possible.

He flies back almost every weekend, taking over 35 personal trips and spending 108 out his 276 days as president in the basement of his Delaware abode.

Sleepy Joe has never been a fan of the White House, and frankly who could blame him. On numerous occasions he’s claimed “there’s no real upside to living” at the residence, stating there’s a “serious lack of privacy” and “incredible pomp-and-circumstance” surrounding his stays there.

Honestly, for Biden, that sounds completely reasonable.

However, despite unleashing numerous tactics to steal the White House away away from Former President Donald Trump, Biden can’t seem to stay put and address the numerous crisis plaguing the country he’s purported to lead.

Meanwhile, an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a supply chain crisis, the chaotic end to the war in Afghanistan, the border crisis and more should be reason enough to tether him to D.C. In fact, Biden faced criticism in August for being away at Camp David as the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Trump didn’t hide out in the White House either. The former president spent many days at his Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster properties as well as all some time at Camp David during the beginning of his presidency, but he doesn’t hold a finger at Biden’s evasion tactics.

In fact, Biden is beating out most recent presidents, the network noted. He’s ahead of former President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush’s travel days, as well.

The White House appeared to defend Biden’s propensity for working remotely in a statement to CNN, with White House spokesman Andrew Bates noting that American presidents “are constantly on the job, regardless of their location.”

The White House also defended the president’s travel schedule in March. At the time, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that, despite rising COVID-19 cases, it was okay for Biden to be traveling for personal reasons because of his method of travel and the fact that he was returning to his home.

While Biden waddles down the path of becoming ‘America’s worst president in history,’ this is far from his most ridiculous actions.

Who wants to spend even one moment in D.C. anyway?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth