Real Culprit Behind Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis Revealed

Wouldn’t you know!

A lack of truck drivers is directly effecting the ability for ports to move goods and services across America.

And why is there such a massive employment shortage in the trucking industry you ask?

Because the men and women who drive trucks do not want to be subjected to forced vaccinations, growing regulations, and skyrocketing prices of fuel, and – as it turns out – Biden’s left-wing policies make it more lucrative to remain on unemployment.

The real culprit behind Biden’s supply chain crisis is short 80,000 truck drivers, President and CEO of the American Trucking Association revealed.

Before the pandemic, the trucking industry was reportedly in need of 61,500 drivers, 30% less than in October.

The buildup of freight at the ports is likely due to a labor shortage spurred on by far-left policies of paying people not to work via large unemployment benefits.

Biden has taken notice of their poor economic polices by issuing an executive order last week to force ports to remain open 24 hours so truckers would have more time to remove the containers from the port. But many destinations to which truckers are delivering the freight are not open all night. Many warehouses, for instance, are not open to receive deliveries 24/7.

In other words, Biden’s solution has failed miserably.

As more cold water is thrown on Biden’s every move to fix the supply chain crisis, leaders in the trucking company couldn’t make it more clear: they need drivers.

“I think that clearly is the most impactful thing that could be done right now to alleviate this problem. So next year, [we] are not going to be having this conversation…”

The trucking industry represents 71% of transported goods in the United States economy. Such a large percentage will increase, which could leave the American Trucking Association looking 1,600,000 new drivers by 2030.

Meanwhile, Biden’s 24 hour port policy may not have had a positive impact and contributed to containers being dropped in residential neighborhoods.

With trucking companies dropping freight in local communities and not at warehouses, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has also been missing from his post. Buttigieg has taken paternity leave since since mid-August with his husband and two children.

This administration is one giant joke.

Author: Asa McCue