Frustrated Biden Tries To Sell Failing Agenda

Biden’s physical and mental decline has almost become sad.

Global elitists at home and abroad have pushed Biden into this role he has no businesses occupying. He can’t think, speak, or seemingly get any piece of his agenda passed besides what he’s able to accomplish using executive order.

It truly is elder abuse.

That being said, his name is still attached to these policies that are rapidly destroying the fabric of America and almost ensuring a far-left transformation of economy and democracy to the point of no return.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden schlepped to Scranton, Pennsylvania – a town he exploits to give him blue collar cred – to try and sell his Build Back Better spending plan, which most Americans want nothing to do with.

He appeared frustrated that his political agenda is getting nowhere with Congress or the American people, even raising his voice and appearing totally out of sorts.

โ€œThis is the United States of America, dammit!โ€ Biden shouted.

Biden admitted that his own party can’t even pass the very spending package centered around his entire presidency despite holding majorities in both houses of Congress.

During his speech, he chastised the pessimistic tone of the media, claiming they declared the bill “dead on arrival the moment [he] introduced it.” negotiations.

The cognitively deficient president waxed nostalgic about his days as a Senator when he could get anything passed. He remarked on being friends with “most Republicans,” somehow indicating that makes any difference in a modern context whatsoever.

Biden also boasted of his history riding Amtrak, promising massive investments into the rail system to get more cars off of the road and more passengers on trains.

โ€œWe will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road,โ€ he said.

And why is that a good thing?

He then launched into a seriously uncomfortable anecdote about taking the Amtrak after his “wife and kids were killed.”

Biden repeated the lie that his multitrillion-dollar bills would not add to the federal deficit or add to the national debt.

โ€œIt does. not. increase. The debt.,โ€ he emphasized slowly despite multiple analysis of the contrary.

It was also reported this week that Biden will be unable to raise the corporate tax rate in order to appease moderate Democrats. This severely cuts into a relied upon revenue source to fund the massive spending bill.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth