Inflation Nation: Americans Struggle To Feed Their Families

Prepare for along, hard winter in Biden’s America.

On Monday, a major grocery store chain, Albertsons said they expect to raise prices on food items – another indicator that inflation has dramatically increased during Joe Biden’s presidency.

“On any given day, something is out of stock,” Chief Executive Officer Vivek Sankaran’s said about the grocer passing through the costs increases to American workers and families.

Sankaran also reportedly said consumers’ demand for groceries is still quite strong due to families eating at home more often to save money.

Other supermarket chains are also having a difficult time stocking shelves, due to receiving unfulfilled deliveries from suppliers. The lack of supply of food has many grocers “sometimes sending their own trucks to grab goods from manufacturing plants.”

Americans across the country are experiencing a lack of stocked food in grocery stores.

“In Target, fruit snacks were limited, protein bars were nearly gone too, and Lunchables were low in stock,” a shopper in Florida noted.

“We saw the least amount of available frozen foods at Publix and snack foods like beef jerky were running low.”

The Labor Department estimated American workers and families are paying 5.4% higher prices than they were in 2020.

In March, the economy was flooded with cash after Biden signed a $5 trillion coronavirus stimulus package. The labor market was gutted as Democrats made it more financially advantageous to stay on unemployment benefits. This exasperated the already-strained supply chain due to the global pandemic, which added to the increase in prices.

According to the Labor Department, the following consumer items have been impacted during Biden’s presidency:

  • rental cars 42.9%
  • gas 42.1%
  • used cars 24.4%
  • hotels 18%
  • TVs 12.7%
  • furniture 11.2 %
  • meats, poultry, fish and eggs 10.5%
  • new cars 8.7%
  • appliances 7.1%
  • electricity 5.2%
  • restaurant prices 4.7%
  • rent 2.9%

The increase in prices is estimated to raise the cost of living for an average American by $175 a month.

If you account for overall decreases to median wages, it’s becoming more-and-more difficult to live a full live in Biden’s America.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney