White House Mask Hypocrisy Rears Its Ugly Head — Again

It must be easy to be a liberal Democrat in America today.

You don’t have to follow your own COVID mitigation rules, you’re fully supported by mainstream propaganda operatives, you never have to take accountability for your wrongdoings, and you’re heralded as a hero for being on the wrong side of history.

Sounds great!

Lest we forget, Donald Trump was routinely and systematically criticized by every mainstream media outlet for refusing to wear masks in certain situations, such was his personal choice. Over-and-over, the president was described as a bad role model during a pandemic, and even more extreme, a killer.

Meanwhile, the Biden’s – both Joe and “Dr.” Jill – can traipse through a swanky D.C. restaurant, maskless (as one should be allowed to do), violating COVID protocols their own party put in place, and barely anyone (save Peter Doocy of Fox News) will say nothing about it.

White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki attempted to downplay the photos released over the weekend showing the first couple breaking COVID mitigation protocols in Washington D.C. The president and his lovely wife were seen strolling through a trendy, upscale restaurant after their meal without their muzzles — a big no-no in major liberal cities.

The Bidens had their masks in hand as they left Italian seafood restaurant Fiola Mare last Saturday, according to Jen Psaki.

“There are moments when we all don’t put masks back on as quickly as we should,” she said in Biden’s defense.

It’s important to note the point is not whether Joe and Jill were wearing their masks. It’s the glaring and hypocritical fact that they, as Democrats, are solely responsible for these mask protocols, which are highly ineffective and shouldn’t be in place anyway. It’s a air of superiority, an “above-it-all” attitude, and a ‘mask for thee, but not for me’ vibe of elitism and aristocracy.

Psaki stressed Biden’s efforts to boost COVID-19 vaccination levels, touting private business and school requirements, as opposed to “moments in time that don’t reflect overarching policy.”

The first couple was photographed without masks indoors and outdoors as they left the restaurant, which boasts a $40 tortelloni bolognese dish on the menu.

The D.C. mask mandate requires indoor face coverings in public spaces unless “actively eating or drinking,” regardless of vaccination status.

Very scientific!

The Bidens have been caught flouting the administration’s own mask guidance before. The president’s older granddaughters took off their face coverings briefly for photos at the Lincoln Memorial on inauguration night.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney