Fed Up Leftists Open Fire On Hypocritical Joe Biden

Dozens of left-wing immigration activists walked out on top Biden officials during a virtual meeting over the joke of an administration’s plans to reinstate a border policy which they once claimed was racist.

The protest comes as the Biden admin is desperately looking to reinstate a Trump-era policy known as “Remain in Mexico,” as the southern border crisis continues to reach new levels of severity under the Democrat president.

“I cannot stand one more meeting of them pretending,” Ariana Saludares, an activist from the New Mexico-based Colores United, who attended the Saturday meeting, told Politico. “They give us accolades on the outside, but on the inside, we’re having to take out the metaphoric knives from our back.”

The activists asked for time before the meeting with Biden officials, such as Department of Homeland Security officials and the White House Domestic Policy Council’s Esther Olavarria. They read a statement saying the Biden administration is “playing politics with human lives” and said they could no longer “come into these conversations in good conscience.”

“We have sadly reached a turning point,” they said.

The activists then left the meeting, Politico reported.

The Department of Homeland Security said it is ready to reinstate the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy by mid-November following a court order upheld by the Supreme Court.

Publicly, the Biden admin has still attempted to say they don’t agree with the policy being reinstated but that’s simply to protect their image as open border loving Democrats and in reality the Trump policy could bail them out of a dangerous crisis which Biden and his team are clearly not competent enough to solve.

Still, Biden and his crew are covering their backs by making statements such as the following, “The Biden Administration has been very clear that MPP is not an immigration policy we agree with or support. That’s why the Department of Homeland Security immediately appealed the court injunction once it was ordered.”

“The administration must comply with the law while the DHS works on a different plan to terminate the Remain in Mexico policy.”

The Immigration activists are onto Biden and his games, however, and tensions between the two have been rising for months as a result.

Politico reported that the activists feel the White House’s immigration decisions are based on politics and officials see the border as a potentially toxic issue for the Democratic Party.

“I think they’re afraid of the backlash of anti-immigrant groups, and we’ll continue to remind them that that backlash will exist regardless of what they do,” Luis Guerra, a strategic capacity officer at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network who walked out of the meeting Saturday, told Politico. “We don’t actually believe they’re doing everything in their power to actually restore asylum at the border, the way that they say that they’re trying to.”

Author: Johnathan Burns