Marine Critical Of ‘Woke’ Generals Faces The Ultimate Punishment

Soldiers today are allowed to praise the god of Leftism, adopt Critical Race Theory, read Karl Marx, become a Communist, etc, but if they dare voice any criticism over the god-like ‘woke’ Generals or the botched withdrawal mission from Afghanistan, they will face the ultimate punishment.

Such is the unfortunate reality for for U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller.

Scheller made headlines over the months for his outspoken criticism of Gen. Austin, Gen. Milley, and commander in chief Biden over their failed mission to evacuate troops and American citizens from Afghanistan.

The harrowing results of the evacuation mission were devastating: 13 U.S. servicemen lost their lives as well as countless Afghan allies. American citizens still remain trapped in the country currently under the Taliban’s control.

On Thursday, Scheller pled guilty to a military judge to six charges stemming from social media posts demanding accountability from military and civilian leaders on the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and criticizing his commanders.

The charges stemmed from Scheller posting a series of short videos and statements on social media after 13 American service members were killed in Afghanistan, including a Marine who he knew personally.

The plea agreement entailed a maximum sentence of a letter of reprimand in lieu of jail time, which the judge accepted. However, there may still be actions taken against his rank and benefits.

Scheller is charged with: Article 88 (Contempt toward officials), Article 89 (Disrespect toward superior commissioned officers), Article 90 (Willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer), Article 92 (Dereliction in the performance of duties), Article 92 (Failure to obey order or regulation), and Article 133 (Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman).

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller has been in pre-trial confinement pending his preliminary hearing.

In a subsequent post, he announced he was resigning his commission, just a couple of years short of the 20 years that would earn him a military pension. He also continued to criticize a string of civilian and military leaders, including former President Donald Trump, but later walked back that criticism.

After his videos on the matter continued going viral, his superiors banned him from posting on social media. After he continued posting, he was put in the brig. The Marine Corps said he was in pre-trial confinement pending an Article 32 preliminary hearing.

Be warned: if they don’t like what you’re saying, they have no problem locking you up. Even if you’ve sacrificed your entire adult life to fighting for America’s freedom.

Author: Asa McCue