That’s It, He’s Done: Biden Loses All Support From Key Demographic

It’s highly unlikely the increasing unpopular Joe Biden can recover from this.

Despite his endless claims that “83 million Americans” support his presidency, recent polling numbers across multiple demographics are painting a different picture.

The cognitively deficient president has notably fallen out of favor with non-white voters as well, which make up a key percentage of his strongest voting base.

The dip in Biden’s job approval rating is especially stark with the percentage of Black adults who think he’s handling the role well dropping the most, a Pew Research poll showed.

The Sept. 23 survey showed Biden’s overall approval rating was underwater at 44%, with 53% disapproving. That flips a July report that found his job approval at 55% and disapproval at 43%.

Though the survey showed Biden’s approval sinking among most demographics and political groups, the ratings dip among Black, Hispanic, and Asian demographics were some of the biggest.

According to the survey, 67% of Black voters approve of his handling of the job, compared with 85% who said the same in a July survey.

Among Hispanic voters, 56% approved of Biden’s job performance compared with 72% who said the same in July. Among Asian voters, 54% approved of the way he’s handling the job compared with 68% who did in July.

In March, 71% of Black adults said they strongly approved of Biden’s job performance while 49% said so in the September survey, the researchers noted.

Biden is also seeing approval ratings drop from Democrats and those who lean Democrat.

In July, 88% of those demographics approved of the way he was handling his job as president; that dropped to 75% in the September survey.

“Today, 46% say they strongly approve of the job he is doing, down from 65% who said this in March.”

In the 2020 election, Biden won 92% of Black voters, according to Mainstream Media data.

Other polls have showed similar drops in approval among Black voters, including to 66% levels in both a YouGov poll and Quinnipiac University survey.

The margin of error in the Pew Research survey of 10,371 adults, was plus or minus 1.6 percentage points.

Trump has made solid grounds with non-white voters since the beginning of his first term. Throughout his presidency, Trump made massive strides to improve the economic futures of those facing turmoil in impoverished areas. Without pandering or charity, the Trump administration gave opportunity where there once was none.

Conversely, Biden and the Democrats rely solely on throwing money at the problem and endless ‘woke’ pandering, which many Black and Hispanic American consider insulting.

Author: Asa McCue