Activist Judge Now Holds Key To Our Medical Freedom

Will the madness ever stop?

The party of ‘follow the science’ is doing exactly the opposite by ignoring the reality of natural immunity from COVID-19. Once an individual becomes infected, as with other viruses, their immune systems are strengthened and form anti-bodies, similar to those found in the numerous coronavirus vaccines on the market today.

Multiple studies coming from American universities and abroad have proven this very fact, yet Democrats and the judges they employ, just went let lose of their grip on power over our lives.

A recent lawsuit proves just that.

A request to block Michigan State University’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate based on natural immunity was denied by a federal judge.

Jeanna Norris, a university employee, sued against the mandate since she already had the virus and recovered. She presented two antibody tests to MSU that showed her previous infection, and said her doctors told her that she did not need the vaccine.

The university’s mandate states that all students and staff, unless they have a medical or religious exemption, must get vaccinated or face termination.

U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney denied Norris’s lawsuit, stating that the school did not violate her rights. Maloney based his opinion on a 1905 Supreme Court case, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, saying that “This Court must apply the law from the Supreme Court: Jacobson essentially applied rational basis review and found that the vaccine mandate was rational in ‘protecting the public health and public safety. The Court cannot ignore this binding precedent.”

Norris’ lawyers told the Washington Times that she is considering legal alternatives.

Jenin Younes, a lawyer with the legal group New Civil Liberties Alliance, who represents Norris, told reporters:

“Ms. Norris courageously brought this lawsuit to vindicate the constitutional rights of individuals with naturally acquired immunity to COVID-19 who are subject to irrational vaccine mandates. While we are disappointed by today’s order, we are committed to fighting for the rights of COVID-recovered Americans to decline a medically unnecessary vaccine without having to sacrifice their livelihoods.”

If antibodies are present, and Norris was unable to contract or spread the virus to anyone else, what exactly would be the harm in giving her a vaccination exemption.

It’s almost as if there’s something more sinister going on behind the scenes.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth