Psaki Bombs: Refuses To Admit Her Boss Is Clueless

To be fair, her job is on the line.

But Jen Psaki must deep down feel that she is doing a total disservice to America by constantly defending her decrepit boss who insists on destroying the country at a rate no one ever thought possible.

Recently, John Kerry was interviewed by a foreign journalist where he revealed that Joe Biden was “literally” unaware of the current breakdown in relations with France, one of our greatest European allies.

The crisis erupted between the U.S. and France last month after Australia dumped a multi-billion dollar contract with France for submarines, then signed on with the U.S. and the U.K. instead.

The move by the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. caused France to cancel a gala in the U.S. and to recall its ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia. French leaders described the incident as a betrayal and said that they had been lied to by the Biden administration.

Backlash ensued after Kerry’s statements, leading most people to the conclusion that Biden is a clueless president, relying on his advisers to make decisions for him.

During a White House press conference on Wednesday, Psaki tried to play damage control.

Jen Psaki said that John Kerry didn’t actually mean what he said when he claimed during an interview this week that President Joe Biden “literally” did not know what was happening with the recent crisis involving France.


Deflect and deny – that’s Psaki’s modus operandi when dealing with reporters who dare question Biden’s questionable behavior.

Instead of dealing with the question in a straightforward manner, Psaki – as is typical with every liberal – smugly and snidely delivers every answer with utter disdain. Only glowing questions about her beloved boss receive any form of sincerity.

Author: Asa McCue